Music and Singing have always shaped my life. As a native from Poland I followed my passion and found my new home in Dresden.


As a stage-experienced singer and longterm singing teacher I will accompany you on your path to new experiences and opportunities for your singing career.


I offer workshops and courses for an insightful path of discovery in singing on a regular basis. You are most welcome to join!



Angela Liebold (Semperopera Dresden / mezzo-soprano)
« I have known Lucja for more than 20 years. We stood on the same stage together in many Opera productions, even then I admired her playful and charming stage presence as well as her beautifully toned Soprano voice.
I have been attending her lessons for years and I’m eternally grateful for not just a great singer but also for an utmost pedagogical and professional teacher. She knows how to let the voice grow and shape them according to Belcanto as well as helping the singer find his or her individual voice with sensitivity, a high degree of musicality and a well-founded know-how in the vocal technique.
For me personally, I didn’t only discovered new “tools” for my daily vocal care but Lucja also helped me to stimulate my motivation for singing with a lot of compassion and empathy. »

Peter Fabig (Leipzig / base)
« Singing lessons with Lucja is a holistic experience. I always leave her sessions overjoyed and enriched by a new discovery.
Lucja is a fantastic teacher; she takes the time to work with someone on his or her voice from scratch. She makes the singer deal with themselves and stand by their emotions and true voice. Through her longterm experience -on stage as well as teaching- she works with a sound methodology and gives the singer the tools to reach the purest and most initial beauty in singing.
One learns the access to the body, the emotions and the technique free from any uncertainty. For me as a professional singer I found in Lucja someone who gives assistance in planning the career as well as in dealing with directors, conductors and répétiteurs in order to satisfy the many challenges of a singing profession with his/her voice.
If you ask yourself: “Do I sing with the right technique?”, “Why isn’t my voice functioning as usual?”, or “Which literature? and which field is good for me?”, you should work with her. It is often the case that the first lesson already brings one to an epiphany and which leads them to access something which feels truthful, genuine and without limits. »

Severin Praßl (Austria/ tenor)
« The lessons with Lucja are like honey for voice and soul. Not only can she explain the technical details very well, she is also able to empathize with her students and lift them from where they are emotionally and physically. She always gets the most out of the respective situation for her students and makes sure that they always leave the lesson with a good feeling and an improved technical and artistic know-how. »

Sara Schabas (Canada / soprano)
« Working with Lucja is like balm for the busy singer. She is able to diagnose technical problems within seconds of hearing you sing and she provides effective ways to work on these issues. She has a huge variety of exercises one can use to work on their own time, and deeply cares about one's progress. Lucja also encourages students in ways that are deeply meaningful. She has a huge amount of experience in this career, both as an artist and a person. Working with Lucja renews a singer, equipping them with the mental, spiritual and technical strength to continue pursuing this career and to never give up. I am so grateful to have worked with her. »