Private lessons

« The true method of singing is in harmony with nature and the laws of health. »

G. B. Lamperti

My experience

During my singing education I have heard of so many singing methods and schools – Italian, German, Russian, Swedish … – very confusing! With advice like “sing lighter!”, “more support!”… I couldn’t make sense of it all. I know the feeling of a tight throat, hoarseness after singing, the intonation problems, etc. very well. Throughout my entire time studying I never received clear advice about how I am supposed to breathe, how to sing legato, what the right feeling in the passaggio is supposed to be, how the support and the correct posture of the body feels. My mind was collecting a lot of information but my body could not implement it. The great enthusiasm and joy for singing I had in the beginning of my studies was slowly reduced bit for bit as time went on. In the beginning of their studies young singers hardly know anything about singing and they cannot differentiate between a healthy technique and an unhealthy one.

My desire to sing freely and light-hearted, my intuition, the vocal studies and long years of private lessons with many vocal coaches, numerous encounters and cooperation with many fantastic and renowned singers, and my stage experience and parallel teaching activities for 20 years allowed me to build a solid and healthy singing technique and, at the same time, to reach a professional and stable singing foundation. Of great importance to me was the deepening into the topic of the old Italian school of bel canto by G. B. Lamperti, the detailed understanding of the concepts of his teaching (“Vocal Wisdom”) as well as a diagnostic listening to plenty of recordings and performances.

It is an important priority and a great joy for me to pass my experience on to other singers and to guide them to the maturity of their own natural voice and personal growth. Each singer has a distinctive singer’s personality and therefore each one has a distinctive and unique vocal sound. Every “singer’s soul” has its own story, specific problems and exceptional qualities that distinguish each one. I see my task to deliver the singer the adequate tools so that, according to Lamberti’s old Italian school, the heart, mind and body can be brought together in harmony.
It is my desire in my singing lessons to create an atmosphere in which they can devote themselves to the further development of their voice and performing abilities.

« You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself. »

Galileo Galilei

Do you ask yourself

as a young singer

how to determine your natural voice type (Soprano/Mezzo/ Tenor/Baritone/Bass)?

how to extend your vocal range?

how to build a reliable and healthy singing technique?

how to prepare for examinations and auditions?

as a vocal student

how to increase resilience and condition?

how to experience and develop your distinctive vocal color?

how to determine your fach (light/full lyric, coloratura, spinto, dramatic, ...)?

how to build a career?

as a professional

how to unleash your entire singing potential?

how to improve your singing instrument?

how to gain more self-confidence to master the repertoire of your dreams?

how to protect your voice from wear and tear?

how to deal better with the job requirements?

The path

In a private and trusting environment:

we discuss your questions, desires and development potential in singing

you learn not only to understand the singing technique but to sense and implement it as well (e.g. deep breathing, body posture, open throat, passaggio, legato, support, language ...)

we discuss wide-ranging strategies for developing your career

we open up a new repertoire

The goal

a professional, individual vocal color, which makes you unique as a singer

pleasure in the fullness and healthy sound of your singing

self-confidence in dealing with singing challenges

professional tutoring of voice growth and vocal changes (e.g. change of voice type)

a holistic reinforcement of your singing personality, which opens up new prospects in work and life


— Hedwig Ritter (Sopran / Volksoper Wien)

« If you want to understand how the great old singers sang and learn it under careful, challenging and loving guidance, Lucja is exactly the right teacher for you. What I find best: it is not at all about a perfect product that I learn to deliver; no, it is about me as a human being, artist and singer and nevertheless and just because of that about technique! Since I've been taking lessons with Lucja, I've been perceived and encouraged by my environment in a completely different way; I've never felt as whole with myself, my voice and on stage as I do now, and I'm already excited to see where the journey will take me.
Thank you, Lucja! »

— Franz Xaver Schlecht (Bariton / Oper Leipzig)

« Lucja's art is to accept the singer as he is and to invite him to show himself through practice, perseverance and loving joy. To experience how black splotches on white paper create sounding states in me, which flow through my body, can only be described as wonderful.
With dearest thanks, Franz »

— Kathleen Ziegner (Sopran / Halle)

« When I came to Lucja, I was stuck in a vocal dead end: I clearly felt the limits of my voice and there was little room for improvement. Through her holistic work, based on our natural vocal expression and original forces, completely new spaces opened up for me. My voice became more colorful, more flexible, its range increased in both directions - and it was simply more me singing. I can now enjoy this new stability in every concert. It is incredible how Lucja understands voices and her workshops are an experience on all levels. With great empathy, direct but always warm, she walks this common path with me and I am very grateful for every single lesson. »

— Marlen Bieber ( Mezzosopran / Oper Chemnitz)

« Open the airplane doors, jump and then open the parachute - that's how singing lessons with Lucja feel. She motivates me to keep pushing my own limits and helps me to constantly expand the spectrum of my singing. For me, she is not only a singing teacher, but also gives me valuable tips for my professional career as a singer.
With Lucja you can learn what it means to sing with your whole body, to let an undisguised sound flow and to always stay curious about your own voice. »

— Angela Liebold (Mezzosopran / Semperoper Dresden)

« I have known Lucja for more than 20 years. We stood on the same stage together in many Opera productions, and even then I admired her playful and charming stage presence as well as her beautifully toned soprano voice.
I have been attending her lessons for years and I'm eternally grateful not only for a great singer but also for an utmost pedagogical and professional teacher. With sensitivity, creativity, fine musicality and a sound knowledge of vocal technique, she knows how to let the voice grow healthily and function according to the principles of bel canto, as well as how to help the singer find his or her individual voice.
For me personally, I didn't only discover new “tools” for my daily vocal care but Lucja also helped me to stimulate my motivation for singing with a lot of compassion and empathy. »

— Peter Fabig (Bassbariton / Theater Görlitz)

« Singing lessons with Lucja is a holistic experience. I always leave her sessions overjoyed and enriched by a new discovery.
Lucja is a fantastic teacher; she takes the time to work with someone on his or her voice from the ground up. She makes the singer deal with their self and stand by their emotions and true voice. Through her long-term experience -on stage as well as in giving lessons - she works with a sound methodology and gives the singer the tools to reach the purest and most original beauty in singing.
One finds access to the body, the emotions and the technique free from any uncertainty. For me as a professional singer I found in Lucja someone who gives assistance in planning the career as well as in dealing with directors, conductors and répétiteurs in order to satisfy the many challenges of the singing profession with his/her voice.
If you ask yourself: “Do I sing with the right technique?”, “Why isn't my voice functioning as usual?”, or “Which repertoire and which fach is good for me?”, you should work with her. It is often the case that the first lesson already brings one to an epiphany and which leads them to access something which feels truthful, genuine and without limits. »

— Brynne McLeod (Mezzosopran / Semperoper Dresden)

« Lucja is a special teacher who really cares for each of her students. She works with mercy and enthusiasm to help everyone find their true and authentic voice. Lucja always works with love: love for singing, love for music, love for you and your voice. I appreciate that the most. »

— Jane Schork (Mezzosopran / Heilbronn)

« Lucja is for me not only a very special person and a fantastic singer, but also one of the best teacher’s I have ever met. Thanks to Lucja, today I am now able to take advantage of my full potential as a singer. Her clases not only strengthened my voice,but also my entire personality. Her sensitivity and tecnical expertis is always spot on with her warm human nature when one has the feeling that one can’t keep going. This is just one of her greatest gifts. On the stage she captivates with her strong presence and her powerful and expressive voice. An opera will always be worthwhile, if she’s on board.
Thank you for everytning Lucja! »

— Christine Menschner (Sopran / Boston (USA))

« Lucja is a wonderful teacher! I am incredibly grateful to work with her, because now I am able to live my dream of a carefree, happy and professional singing career. In our intensive work, I experienced what a good breath, body and diaphragm work really means and how it influences my singing and my musical expression. I have found my true voice and I grew personally and as a singer. Lucja is a very patient, but also demanding teacher with a lot of charisma. Her energy and her enthusiasm for singing motivated me a lot. Lucja has a keen sense of her students and she supports their strengths and helps in times of apparent stagnation.
Our work together has made me a much happier person! »

— Severin Praßl (Tenor / Österreich)

« The lessons with Lucja are like a balm for the voice and soul. Not only can she explain the technical details very well, she is also able to empathize with her students and lift them from where they are emotionally and physically. She always gets the most out of the respective situation for her students and makes sure that they always leave the lesson with a good feeling and an improved technical and artistic know-how. »

— Sybille Sachs (Sopran / Dresden)

« For about 10 years, Lucja has been my teacher and I completely trust her. No one knows my weaknesses and strengths as a singer better than her. What I can do, I can do through her uncompromising and her constancy to the ways I dont want to follow and forcing me to try something new, from what I am reluctant. She has always believed in me always makes me feel that I am a great singer. With her help and her stable, confident style, I have been able to fulfill my professional dreams. Also, it is thanks to her diverse experiences as a soloist for her to have become a mentor and a coach in any professional situation.
Thank you Lucja! »

— Sara Schabas (Sopran / Kanada)

« Working with Lucja is like balm for the busy singer. She is able to diagnose technical problems within seconds of hearing you sing and she provides effective ways to work on these issues. She has a huge variety of exercises one can use to work on their own time, and deeply cares about one's progress. Lucja also encourages students in ways that are deeply meaningful. She has a huge amount of experience in this career, both as an artist and a person. Working with Lucja renews a singer, equipping them with the mental, spiritual and technical strength to continue pursuing this career and to never give up. I am so grateful to have worked with her. »